Secure password manager for Palm, Treo, Pocket PC, and Smartphone
Secure Password Manager

uiq password manager- get it now
  • Never forget a username or password again - ever
  • Secure and backup your passwords, credit card numbers, registration codes, PINs, and more
  • Generate truly random passwords hackers cannot guess
  • Protect yourself from identity theft, keyloggers, and phishing
  • Best selling password manager with over 500,000 users
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New! SplashID 4 for Windows Mobile

List view in SplashID Password Manager
new Filter records quickly with the on-the-fly Lookup field
SplashID Password Manager for Windows Mobile

Tree View provides an alternativ way to look at your logins on Treo and Palm
new Tree View provides an alternative view of your records
Assign icons on Treo to Password Manager record types
new Enhanced secruity features such as password hint and lock-out
Password generator creates unguessable passwords on Windows Mobile
new Select unique passwords with our generator's strength meter
“SplashID is my Fort Knox for passwords and confidential records -
I don’t know how I lived without it.” Now even more secure.
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Password security on the desktop password manager synchs with the palm password manager
Included SplashID Desktop for Windows (only) lets you easily view and edit your sensitive personal information on your desktop computer and synchronize with your Handheld.
new Now includes 2 additional views - Panel View (above) and Tree View!

Password Manager on desktop - Tree View
Tree View
List View - Password Manager software
List View

Key Features:

  • new Enhanced security - auto lockout after 10 failed attempts, password strength meter, and password hint option
  • new Web Auto Fill - one click to open a website on the desktop and login automatically! Prevents keyloggers from tracking your username and password.
  • new Synchronize multiple SplashID databases (with other version 4 database files only)
  • new Enhanced Lookup feature instantly displays relevant results as you type
  • new Email and share securely encrypted SplashID files to other users
  • new Toolbars give you button features where they are needed the most
  • new Updated icon set with enhanced high resolution graphics
  • new Fully Vista compatible
  • Unlimited number of customizable record types and categories for storing all kinds of confidential information (usernames, passwords, bank accounts, credit cards, registrations, insurance, perscriptions, and more)
  • Synchronize data between your BlackBerry and your desktop PC using the included desktop software
  • Password protection, using 256-bit Blowfish encryption, keeps your data safe
  • Automatic password generator - for generating random hacker-safe passwords based on user criteria
  • Complete backup and restore feature
  • Set URL field in your records to deliver you to the correct address every time -- completely defeats phishing
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  • 2006 Handango: “5 Stars”
  • 2006 PalmGear.com: “5 Stars”
  • 2006 Tucows.com: “5 Cows”
  • 2006 Handango Champion Awards: Winner "Best New Application"
  • 2006 Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine: Nominee "Best Software Awards"


  • "I tried several password "databases" before trying this in a trial. I stopped looking after this and now recommend this one to family and friends. It syncs easily, and SAVED me when my hard disk on my laptop crashed." – User from Houston, TX
  • "An excellent product that does precisely what it says it will do, storing confidential data in a clear, clean simple format. I have to work with various forms of confidential data, and this makes it easy to keep. I strongly recommend it." – User from Barcelona, Spain
  • "The more I use Splash ID the more I ask myself why I did not start using it before... Splash ID is an easy, totally customizable solution that will change the way you store your confidential information." – Augusto P. for Palm Addicts
  •

Supported Windows Mobile devices:

Qtek 8010, Qtek 8020, Orange SPV C550, Samsung SGH-i300, T-Mobile SDA Music, Audiovox SMT 5600, Motorola MPx220, Dopod 515, Orange SPV C500, Sierra Wireless VOQ, Qtek 8080, Orange SPV E200, Orange SPV C600, Qtek 8100, i-mate SP5, Cingular 2125, T-Mobile SDA, Sagem myS-7, Samsung i600, i-mate Smartphone2, i-mate SP3, i-mate SP3i, Qtek 8060, O2 Xphone II, Samsung i320, T-Mobile Dash, HTC Excalibur, Motorola Q, Samsung Blackjack (i607), Motorola Q9h, Motorola Q9m

Other Editions Available:

Upgrade SplashID for $9.95

Supported Devices

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

> Windows Mobile 5 or later, including Pocket PC, Professional, or Classic
> Windows Mobile 5 or later, including Smartphone or Standard


> Windows XP, Vista, 7


  SplashID Enterprise and Government Edition

SplashID is now available in an Enterprise and Government Edition that provides a complete password security solution for enterprise-scale deployments of Windows and Mac OS desktop computers as well as smartphone and PDA devices, including Palm OS/Treo, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone, Symbian Series 60, Symbian UIQ and RIM BlackBerry.

more info on SplashID Enterprise and Government Edition



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