SplashID Enterprise

The SplashID Advantage

SplashID Enterprise is designed to quickly and effectively address the most immediate password management concerns of IT. It allows an organization to use stronger password management practices without compromising security or increasing costs.

SplashID Enterprise provides a complete password management and security solution for organizations using either Windows or Mac OS platforms for end users. SplashID Enterprise offers IT managers powerful control for the centralized administration of password and security policies across various departments and employee groups throughout an enterprise.

Benefits of SplashID Enterprise

  • Increase employee productivity: SplashID makes managing and accessing passwords easier and more convenient, giving your employees more time to focus on important tasks. SplashID will decrease forgotten password requests, ridding IT of unnecessary distractions and allowing focus on projects that create real value. In addition, the next update of SplashID Enterprise will optionally give your employees access to records on their smartphones, enabling them to be more productive out of the office as well.
  • Decrease potential costs of security threats. The costs of data breaches are astronomical. By implementing SplashID, your organization significantly reduces the risk of information stolen via password exposure, including data loss, legal costs, the loss of customers, and the loss of employee productivity.

Features of SplashID Enterprise

  • Cross-platform Windows, Mac, Web and Mobile end-user support
  • Support of MySQL server on Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Centralized secure database of usernames, passwords, documents, and other records
  • Administrative control panel for IT with user management including batch import
  • Customizable group-level and user-level permissions
  • Customizable deployment architecture
  • Multi-layer database security
  • SplashID Enterprise mobile app for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android
  • SplashID Enterprise web client for browser access

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SplashID makes it easier for organizations to protect passwords & other information assets.

Easy to Use for Employees

  • Each employee protects his or her important information with one secure master password
  • SplashID enables users to automatically login to websites
  • SplashID offers definable list views, support for custom icons and field labels
  • All data is encrypted via multiple layers of encryption, including FIPS-approved 256-bit AES, and
    is automatically backed up on the central server

Easy to Manage for IT Administrators

  • Centralized control panel makes it easy to create, edit and delete users, assign permissions and quickly employ password policy revisions across the enterprise.
  • SplashID supplies a single registration code to the IT department that can be used for an entire deployment so you will not have to bother with individual registration codes for each user.

Secure Your Company Passwords and Information

  • Stores passwords and other information and protect them with powerful FIPS-approved 256-
    bit AES encryption plus additional layers of security.
  • No records are stored locally on users’ hard drives, giving IT complete control over records.
  • Since SplashID makes it easy to remember passwords, employees are better able to follow
    recommended procedures for creating strong passwords.
  • SplashID includes a password generator capable of creating hard-to-guess random passwords.

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