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Whether you are taking notes in class or a meeting, planning a project, keeping track of vehicles or health, or just outlining your ideas, SplashNotes is a very powerful assistant. Create outlines of any size and complexity, and turn them into checklists if you wish. Attach notes and drawings for quick reference. Use it on a Windows desktop computer or on your handheld, and synchronize your notes between the two. The possibilities are endless for how you can employ this application. Get organized with SplashNotes.
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“SplashNotes has made me more effective and organized
at work and at home”
SplashNotes Windows Mobile screen
Display lists with check boxes
to turn your your outline
into a task list
Treo money manager - personal finance on your treo
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SplashNotes Windows Mobile screen
Customize the appearance with row colors, font size and background colors
SplashNotes Windows Mobile screen
Drag and drop lines into the folder--use it as a clipboard, drop box, or a trash can
SplashNotes Windows Mobile screen
Attach drawings to your notes, using the freehand image editor for quick visuals

Screenshot - Desktop and treo sync
The included desktop software for Windows lets you easily view, edit and synchronize your SplashNotes data with your Handheld. It also offers the ability to import and export MS Word docs.

SplashNotes is used by:

  • Busy people to stay on top of detailed to do lists
  • Managers to track projects and people
  • Teachers and professors to create lesson plans and monitor student progress
  • Students to take fast, organized notes
  • Salespeople to stay on top of clients and opportunities
  • Computer support professionals to create trouble-shooting checklists
  • Doctors and nurses to create and keep track of patient progress and treatment
  • Anyone who wants to set goals, plan events, and generally get more organized
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System Requirements

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> Windows Mobile 5 or later
> 675k of free memory for the application and 100k for the data



> Windows 7, Vista, XP

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