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iTunesiTunes Review - Stensvaag - April 5, 2009
Cadillac of Outliners
I have been waiting for this application, ever since trying to leave my Palm PDA behind, because I have been dependent on Bonsai for all my outlining needs. This is the final piece of the puzzle. In my opinion, SplashID is the Cadillac of password applications, because of its extraordinarily smooth and robust syncing with the desktop module. No one wants to enter tedious password information on the iPhone itself; the same is true for many oulines. The SplashData folks have established extremely effective two-way syncing between their iPhone and Desktop modules, and SplashNotes is no exception.
There is no import routine for Bonsai outlines, but I have found that I can easily copy whole "branches" of outlines from Bonsai on my PC and simply paste the whole branch into a SplashNotes outline on the PC. In less than one hour, I have been able to convert all of my old Bonsai outlines to SplashNotes outlines.
Yes, both SplashID and SplashNotes cost a bit more than some competitors, but you get what you pay for. In my view, editing on the desktop is a must, as well as two-way syncing, in case I want to make a change on the iPhone itself. SplashNotes makes this work seamlessly and reliably.

Palm Addicts PalmAddicts - March 19, 2008
Why I No Longer use Memo or To Do
I don't Memo or ToDo on my Palm devices anymore. The reason is SplashNotes from SplashData. SplashNotes is an outlining tool available for the Palm OS, Pocket PC, SmartPhone and Desktop. Like all of SplashData's software, this program is polished and useful. SplashNotes allows you to create outlines that have bullets, numbers or check boxes so you can plan, manage, and organize nearly everything in your life. The addition of a Desktop component makes it all the more useful.

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Palm Addicts Editor's Choice - PalmAddicts - August 6, 2007
SplashNotes has made me a note-taking machine, and improved my productivity and time-management as a result. In turn, this has reduced the amount of time I normally require to keep my various databases and reports up-to-date. I have better focus, more time for important tasks, and better notes to rely on. In a word, its helping me make more money :-)

SplashNotes takes the odious process of taking manual notes, and makes it a streamlined breeze. Any student, Road Warrior or professional who wants a bulletproof, mobile note-taking methodology should immediately add SplashNotes to their kit. At $29.95 (USD), it is a real bargain: it will more then pay for itself with the improved efficiencies and recouped time that it will provide to you.

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Unsolicited Customer Testimonial - June 8, 2007 by Ken Weirman
Just bought SplashNotes and love the product. Am using it to implement the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) organizational methodology by David Allen. SplashNotes is much better than using Outlook tasks and notes. I've already moved Palm notes and tasks to the "Unfiled" category.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango April 11, 2007 by a reviewer from San Diego, CA
Must have app for Palm and Treo
This is one handy app if you ever take notes or plan out projects or have a long to do list. Drag and drop is very well done for moving items around your list. I use this on my desktop in meetings and to keep my to do list and then sync everything over to the Treo. Recommended!

StarStarStarStarStar Handango April 2, 2007 by Michael Deskalla from Morgan Hill, CA
Extraordinarily handy
I use this to take notes in meetings, outline projects, and track to do's. Easy to use. Great syncing between my Treo and laptop. I recommend this one.

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