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StarStarStarStarStar Handango March 22, 2008 by Raphael from New York City
Simply Advanced
Finally, a Photo (and I'd hate to say "organizer" because it's just too graphically advanced) program that actually works. It's interactive behavior displays photos fast with just the right touch-screen sensitivity for quick viewing without overclocking the PDA's RAM. It gives you 6 options for viewing, as well as entering vital data to help categorize each photo; from Flow-chart, to list and a few others that just as quickly bring your photos into view. It outperforms the PDAs built-in flimsy interface, and has given my PDA an added purpose. Good work !

StarStarStarStarStar Handango October 27, 2006 by sam from india
Simply Awsome!!!!
I have used this software on my BlackBerry device. Features are the best compared to other applications for photo managers on BlackBerry. The sending email feature is easy to use. I recommend that you buy the registered version of the product.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango October 19, 2006 by Mike Nemens from Gualala, CA
SplashPhoto finally comes to BlackBerry!
I've been using SplashPhoto since 2002 on both Palm and PPC devices, and it's always been one of my favorite applications. It's faster and more intuitive than other photo apps. Now that I'm using an 8700c, I'm delighted to finally have a version of SplashPhoto. Just starting to play with it, but it seems to be everything I expected, and more -- the ability to email pictures so easily is very cool.

Palm Addict Palm Addict Review - January, 2006
I have tried other photo programs for my Palm devices, but have always come back to SplashPhoto for its simplicity and its features. The one thing I would like to see change is when adding multiple pictures a warning when clicking on finish to make sure you made changes to all the pictures that you wanted to. Otherwise, this app works great. As part of the SplashWallet suite, SplashPhoto is the best Photo Manager for Palm devices that I have found. Its feature packed and can turn any handheld into a mobile digital picture frame!

StarStarStarStarStarBityard Review - February 1, 2004
If you have been looking for something that’s more powerful than Palm Photos or you miss the lack of a photo imaging program as is the case in the latest version of PocketPC (aka Windows Mobile 2003), then SlashPhoto is one of the best available.

Geek.com Cross Platform Review - March 26, 2004
"The one powerful feature that originally swayed me to SplashPhoto and that sets it apart from many other viewers is the included desktop interface that provides you with the ability to quickly format photos for your PDA."

StarStarStarStarStar Handango January 2, 2006 by Ken from DuPage, Illinois
Great photo viewer!
This is a great photo viewing software! I am using it with my treo 650. Very easy to use and manage. Provided desktop software lets you edit pictures and catagorize them, they are optimized for you device so they are very small in size but perfect quality for viewing. Just manage photos on the desktop software and sync your device and they''re all there. Cool slideshow feature too. Great job on this software, the only thing that should be added, is for us smartphone users, the ability to easily e-mail or text a photo through the software. I''ll be keeping this software!

StarStarStarStarStarHandango February 10, 2005 by a reviewer from California
Great Photo Viewer
I also have [another] photo viewer so I was hesitant to download another photo viewer. It was offered for free on this site so I thought what the heck. All I can say is that I have no regrets. It is so much easier to use and the quality of the pictures come out great. When I
try to use the zoom feature on [the other app] it comes out really grainy and on Splash Photo it is absolutely suberp. I am no expert when it comes to technical stuff but Splash Photo makes it really easy to download and edit your pictures which is what onelooks for in photo viewer. All I can say is buy this product and you will have no regrets.

StarStarStarStarStarHandango July 20, 2003 by a reviewer from Turkey
A nice program for the Pocket PC
Whoever wrote this program is talented. It's fast, useful, easy to use, and stands alone.

Handango July 16, 2003 by Inder Pahwa from Damascus, Maryland
As Expected, Another Great Product from Splash
As other reviewers noticed, this is one of the BEST product for viewing, editing & carrying your pictures on Pocket PC. I would also like to mention that their customer support is EXCELLENT!!! I can wait to see more products for Pocket PC from the house of Splash!!!

Handango June 8, 2003 by Darkman from Evans, CO
Finally available for the PPC!
I too owned all of SplashData's software on my Palm and was disappointed to find out that none of their programs crossed platforms. I was pleasantly surprised to find this on Handango. Just as with the Palm version, this is the only way to go to view pictures. Crisp, clear, small file size and ease of use make this a definate must have 5 star application! Now, just bring over the rest of your programs to the PPC please.

Handango May 23, 2003 by a reviewer from Pittsburgh, PA
Simple to use - works great!
I used to have a Palm and had SplashPhoto on it. I loved it. When my company made us get Pocket PCs, I had to use the Explorer to view images but I had no way to adjust them first and they were a pain to install. Now that SplashPhoto has moved onto the Pocket PC, I feel at home again on my handheld. Once again, I can show my colleagues slide shows of my kids!

Handango October 6, 2003 by Philip M from Princeton, NJ
SplashPhoto ROCKS!!!
Much better than p800's proprietary picture software. Full-screen pictures are fantastic. Functionality is superb. Customer support is top-notch.

Handango September 29, 2003 by Fritz Keller from Bern, Switzerland
Fast and great synchronization with desktop PC
The software is much faster than the internal viewer, different views possible and now with the great synchroization with the desktop PC.

Handango August 18, 2003 by a reviewer from Pittsburgh, PA
Covering all the bases
This company has got it right. I used to use a Palm, and I enjoyed showing off my family in SplashPhoto. I noticed recently that they brought SplashPhoto to the Pocket PC. But I had no idea that it was coming to the p800! This software is incredible by itself, but when coupled with the internal camera on the p800, it's downright extraordinary!

PalmGear August 15, 2005 by Dave Birchenough
SplashPhoto 4.33 works beautifully on my Garmin iQue 3600. I struggled with other picture viewers before I tried SplashPhoto. AcidImage 3.023 produced a garbage screen for 17 seconds upon loading. The developer, Red Mercury, wouldn't answer my emails for help. myAlbum 2.2 caused an immediate reset. SplashPhoto works flawlessly and plays music in the background to boot!

PalmGear June 27, 2005 by Allan Leonard
My preferred image viewer for my Treo 650. Splash Photo version 4.3 is upgraded for high resolution PDAs. What I particularly like is its ability to display .jpg files (which earlier versions didn't).

Although this means that you can view your original .jpg files withouth converting them through the supplied Splash Photo desktop software, I have found that going through the conversion favourably produces very small file sizes and the square cropping provides a larger image to view on the Treo.

This updated version also fixes the previous inability to manually advance a slideshow, which is convenient when you hand your Treo to a friend so they can progress through the images at their own pace.

Splash Photo effectively turns my Treo 650 into a Photo iPod. I do recommend buying this programme.

Handango November 22, 2004 by Herb Rosenblum from New York, NY
I finally can arrange my pics.
It's simple and works quickly. The support I requested during the trial period was quick, clear and right on target. I love it.

Handango July 19, 2004 by Keith Elliott from Orillia, Ontario
Wonderful software- has allowed my photos to become portable.
I was hoping to obtain software for my handheld that would allow me to view my photos. Handango has given me that and more through the Splashphoto addition. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend this product to anyone who needs additional software to upgrade their handheld.

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