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Note: These outlines are not compatible with SplashNotes 2.0. These will only work with SplashNotes 1 for Palm. We'll update this page when we have compatible versions for the new update.

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Download Outlines for SplashNotes 1.x

General Use:


Installation Instructions

  1. Click the link for the outline you wish to download.
  2. If you do not get the "File Download" dialog, right click the link and select "Save Target As..."
  3. When prompted with the "File Download" dialog box, select "Save" and browse to the following location (or equivalent):
    C:\Program Files\Palm\<user folder>\SplashNotes
  4. Continue downloading until you have all the outlines you are interested in.
  5. Launch SplashNotes Desktop and you should see all the outlines.
  6. Sync with your handheld to complete installation.

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