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Manage your money anytime, anywhere. Connect to your online bank from your desktop computer or wireless handheld and download transactions directly into SplashMoney. Create budgets and then track and analyze your spending with customizable reports and charts. Synchronize your handheld with your desktop computer to stay on top of your finances whether you're at home, on the road, or in the office.


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Personal finance for Windows & Mac OS
The SplashMoney Desktop for Windows and Mac OS lets you easily view, edit and analyze your data, and - best of all - synchronize with your iPad - wirelessly!

Key Features:

  • • Connect wirelessly to almost any online bank account (list of banks)
  • • Supports most account types: checking, savings, credit card, cash, asset, liability, money market and line of credit
  • • Secure password protection using Blowfish encryption
  • • Quickly enter transactions using auto-fill and memorized transactions
  • • Reconcile account statements
  • • Print registers and reports
  • • Scheduled transactions with reminders
  • • Customizable transaction types
  • • Multiple currency support with live Currency updates (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch only feature!)
  • • Simple, intuitive interface

  • iPhone Download SplashMoney for iPhone & iPod touch

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    iPhone Download SplashMoney 4.9 for iPad

    $4.99 SplashMoney
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