Desk Clock and Image Viewer for Palm OS Handhelds
Desk Clock and Image Viewer for Palm OS Handhelds


Handango July 21, 2004 by a Reviewer from Taranto, Italy
Tutto bene
Divertente screen che vi trasformerà il palmare in qualcosa di più elegante.

Handango March 12, 2004 by Dasrryl Oliver from Overland Park, KS
SplashData Rocks!
SplashClock is a clock and slide show program for $10. There are several options available for clock and image display, and the program works as advertised. One small quibble is the lack of an alarm function, but it's hard to fault them for that.

SplashData is one of the best Palm OS developers around. I own everything except SplashMoney, and I'm seriously considering it. All of their products are well-designed and a joy to use.

PalmGear November 2, 2003 by Karen Houle
Absolutely neat little program. I didn't think it would work well for me since I don't use SplashPhoto (I have a Palm Zire 71). However, it works seamlessly with my PalmPhoto software. Also, it doesn't take that long to load using the images on my 128MB expansion card. I put my entire photo album on my card and watch the slideshow behind the clock. Truly neat!

Handango October 31, 2003 by Michael LeCompte from Knoxvlle TN
Fantastic way to have a beautiful clock
This is one killer app for showing off your photos and having an interesting clock. All it does is tell time in a variety of configurations while playing in a slideshow format all the photos you have in your PDA. Really enjoy putting my Palm into the cradle, hitting Splash Clock and for hours have all my photos slideshow in front of me. Flowers, Harleys, cars, family, whatever. As I said, for under ten bucks, it's fun and relaxing, plus you see the current time.

Handango October 10, 2003 by Bill Firm from California
SplashClock is clearly the best PDA clock application
There are several aspects of SplashClock that make it stand far above any other clock application. 1) smoothness of screen draw 2) many different clock styles 3) the ability to use JPEG photos as the background 4) ease of configuration. The only downfall is the lack of alarms.

Handango Nov. 26, 2002 by Bill Kapes from Stafford, Virginia
Great way to show off your photos with a good looking clock
I am very pleased with SplashClock. The graphics are very well done and look terrific on the high resolution displays on the Clie and Palm Tungsten. I have licensed all of the SplashData products and find them to be an excellent value. They really keep up with the latest models and offer features to exploit the latest Palm OSes. I have already received a lot of positive feedback about my new "clock program". Coupled with SplashPhoto you can really put together some great slide shows.

PalmGear Nov. 18, 2002 by Mary Jo Sminkey
I love this program! I've wanted something like this for awhile but never found one I really liked. This is perfect. One comment, be sure to turn it off in SwitchDash if you use it, or you may run into some strange behaviors.

PalmGear Nov. 7, 2002 by Lynne Hawkins
Awesome program! Now I can enjoy my favorite slideshow pics from SplashPhoto and have a clock while my Handspring Prism is on the recharger. I really like that I can change the color and location of the clock, as well as pick what pictures I want displayed with the simple & easy to use preference screen. Also would like to mention that I received wonderful and friendly technical support from SplashData when I had trouble installing this program.


System Requirements

Palm Powered Solution

> Supports all handhelds running Palm OS 3.5 or later.
NOTE: SplashClock runs best on 16-bit color devices.

> Supports JPEG images (on VFS external memory)

> Supports SplashPhoto PDB images (stored on internal memory)

> Supports standard (160x160), Hi-Res (320x320) and Hi-Res+ (320x480) displays

> Supports 16-bit color displays

> 281k of free memory


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