Desk Clock and Image Viewer for Palm OS Handhelds
Desk Clock and Image Viewer for Palm OS Handhelds

Release Notes

SplashClock 1.08 - September 5, 2005

  • Support for Palm LifeDrive

SplashClock 1.07 - December 29, 2004

  • Added Treo and Tungsten T|5 5-way navigator support
  • Fixed a bug that could crash SplashClock on a Sony HiRes device if the trial was expired.
  • Added support for Treo images stored on internal memory
  • Added support for the Tungsten T|5 hidden NVFS volume
  • Various UI fixes

SplashClock 1.06 - December 1, 2003

  • Support for new Hi-Res Plus screens (Tungsten T3, Sony UX50, etc.)

SplashClock 1.05 - August 11, 2003

  • Support for SplashPhoto 4.0 PDB format
  • Tungsten C compatibility (auto-run)

SplashClock 1.04 - Dec. 11, 2002

  • No longer requires HiRes Assist to be enabled to run properly on Sony Clie.

SplashClock 1.03 - Dec. 5, 2002

  • Improved memory management
  • Added "Set Time" button to Format dialog
  • Support for International Date formats
  • Support for images marked Private in SplashPhoto
  • Better handling of odd-sized JPEG images
  • Tungsten 5-way navigator support
  • Clie jog-dial support
  • NR70 virtual graffiti enhancements/fixes
  • Manual slideshow option
  • Device sleeps for a few seconds before auto-launching slideshow. This enables devices like the Treo to shut off the wireless data connection when the handheld goes to sleep, before auto-running the slideshow.
  • Image list is only written when there are changes (faster quitting when no changes in image list)

SplashClock 1.02 - Nov. 14, 2002

  • Added new analog clock styles
  • Improved performance - analog clock is rendered faster
  • Added support for black/white devices
  • Added support for Handspring Flash Memory module
  • Improved memory management on OS5 devices
  • Fixed bug that caused "Nov. 10" to show up as "Nov. 0"
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

SplashClock 1.01 - Nov. 6, 2002

  • Compressed internal bitmaps, shrinking the app down to 281k from 431k
  • Fixes a color palette bug on 8-bit (Palm IIIc) devices

SplashClock 1.0 - Nov. 5, 2002

  • Final 1.0 Release

SplashClock 1.0b2 Public Beta - Nov. 4, 2002

  • Added 8-bit support (for Palm IIIc)

SplashClock 1.0b1 Public Beta - Nov. 3, 2002

  • First public beta release. Known issues:
  • Black/White and 8-bit devices (like the Palm IIIc) not yet supported

System Requirements

Palm Powered Solution

> Palm OS 4.0 or later
> Supports JPEG images (on VFS external memory)
> Supports SplashPhoto PDB images (stored on internal memory)
> Supports 16-bit color displays
> 281k of free memory


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