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SplashTravel is 15 must-have tools when you travel -- or anytime you have to deal with different time zones, currencies, measurements or country codes. When you are on the go, you need information at your fingertips. SplashTravel includes clocks, timers, calculators, converters, and all sorts of data that you’ll find handy while catching a flight, waiting for a train, or sitting in a cab on your way to a meeting. SplashTravel is the virtual Swiss Army knife for road warriors!  Check out all the great features below.

  • Currency Converter - download latest currencies, and calculate up to 4 exchange rates at once
  • Weather - download the latest weather for your location and places you are going (Pro Version)
  • Flight Info - download flight information including gate info and delays (Pro Version)
  • Alarms - up to 9 of them!
  • Calendar - calculates the week and day number
  • Check split - accounts for tax, tip and number of people splitting
  • Clocks - quickly change your time zone and see 4 others
  • Clothes sizes - size chart helps you find your size while abroad
  • Codes & Domains - Country codes, area codes, and domains
  • Time Calculators - calculate future times and dates
  • Expenses - track your business expenses while traveling
  • Luggage - check off each item to pack so you don't forget a thing
  • Stopwatch - time to the hundredth and mark lap times
  • Timer - count down to an alarm, great for taking a nap!
  • Unit Converter - convert metric to imperial and back
  • World Map - tap a city to view the time there - see if it is dark

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