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Snap makes your Palm OS handheld more efficient to use. It gives you one place to take notes while talking to someone, and then quickly turns those notes into appointments, contacts, tasks and more.

  • A central place to put all your notes that you want to organize later.
  • One tap icons along the right quickly convert text to appointments, addresss book items, tasks, memos and more.
  • Treo features including battery level, reception indicator, and dialing.

Do you find that you still use a paper and pencil to write all those little notes that don't seem to go anywhere, even though you have a powerful Palm OS handheld? Wouldn't it be great if there was a little tool that gave you a place to put those things, and then helped you organize them later? Snap is that tool.

Entering data into your most used applications is as easy as 1-2-3. For example:

  1. Enter your info into Snap's text area, including meeting times and dates, contact info, notes, tasks, or whatever.
  2. Tap the Contacts button on the right toolbar, and Snap will show you what it thinks is the first name, address, city, state, zip, phone numbers and email addresses of the person.
  3. Tap the Add button, and the contact information will be placed in your address book, and you will be taken to the address book entry

If SplashNotes is installed on your device as well, SplashNotes will be enabled with its own icon at the bottom of the toolbar.

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