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starstarstarstarstar PalmGear September 21, 2007 by Susan Weiss
Best tech support ever. I have been using this suite for a ver long time on my treo. I recently had to reinstall. They made it very easy for me. I love this software program. Very nice for travel.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango July 16, 2006 by DanaWheels from Bonney Lake, WA
I use SplashID the most, however, I have on ocassion used SplashShopper, and SplashMoney. Until I got my camera phone, I didn't use SplashPhoto at all, now I appreciate it greatly! This is a great set of programs, and best of all the developers listen to the users when they have problems or more importantly, suggestions!

StarStarStarStarStar Handango May 23, 2006 by Paul Jackson from Boulder, CO
SplashWallet finally here for BlackBerry!!
I've been an avid user of SplashWallet on various Palm OS devices for years. Delighted to finally have this great suite of apps for my 8800.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango December 28, 2006 by Mike Nemens from Morristown, NJ
Finally available for Windows Mobile!
I've been waiting for this suite to become available for Pocket PC ever since I made the switch over from Palm two years ago. This is great software at an incredible value. Password manager, shopping lists, to do's, all your digital photos -- basically everything you need to manage a busy life on the go! :)

Palm 247 Logo Palm 247 Review - July 19, 2006
There are certain programs that bring the genius of a Treo 650 to another level, allowing you to use your Treo in ways you would have never expected. SplashShopper, SplashID, and SplashMoney putting more of my personal information into the palm of my hand at any time, replacing paper-planning solutions I never considered digitizing.

Palm Addict PalmAddicts Review - March 2006
Splashdata has created a set of tools that are easy to use and fairly flexible while keeping a very reasonable price of $59.95 US for the entire suite. This is a definite steal when one considers that each program is worth $29.95 US on their own and many third party programs come with a similar price point.

ZDNet India Review - August 2005
PDAs do a good job of providing you with the tools for organizing your contacts, appointments, and tasks, but they don't always go beyond the basics.

That's where a program such as SplashData's SplashWallet can come in handy. The suite of four applications--SplashMoney, SplashPhoto, SplashID, and SplashShopper--is designed to store the type of information you would typically carry in your wallet, such as identification, credit card numbers, shopping lists, and photos of friends and family. During our tests, we found the software easy to use and helpful for organizing everyday responsibilities.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango April 16, 2006 by a reviewer from from Be'er Sheva, Israel
SplashID and SplashShopper are a must
I only use the splash ID and shopper programs from this set, but they are a nescessity for an organized life. SplashID keeps my millions of log-in ids and passwords safe but within easy access. Splash shopper keeps my supermarket and other shopping times organized, so I get everything I need quickly. I highly recomend these programs.

StarStarStarStarStar Handango March 29, 2004 by a reviewer from from Tuscon, AZ
Praise for product and service
I first purchased SplashWallet in 2002 and have used it successfully through two generations of desktops and PDAs. SplashID has been particularly useful when I travel. Recently I upgraded to the newest version of SplashWallet but had a problem identifying the email address I had used when downloading my original purchase of the software. The Support folks at SplashData were extremely helpful in locating my original product registration and in updating it. Within one day, they corresponded with me three times to solve my problem. Such excellent service is a real plus for this excellent product.

PalmGear September 6, 2005 by Jim Homer
Friends, it doesn't get any better than this. I now own two copies, and this is very high quality software indeed. Highly recommended!

PalmGear May 31, 2005 by Tom Flowers
I started out with the palm professional in 1996, and have been using them ever since. I went from there to a handspring visor, to a visor prism, to a Clie, to a 7135 kyocera, and now to the treo 650. Guess what, no expense program in the kyocera, but it was in the palm desktop. No expense program in the 650 & it's gone from the desktop. We downloaded about 10 different programs as a replacement & the SplashMoney is the only one that we found That was actually an improvement over the original expense program. Easy to use, little or no set-up, and you don't have to be an excel or memo pad genius to get a nicely equipped submit table expense report. Nicely done.

Unsolicited Review April 21, 2005 from Paul Shaviv in Toronto
I have been using computers and online services since the 1980's. In that time I have had occasion to use (or try to use!) online service "Help" on dozens of mainly frustrating occasions. I have never experienced the quick response - even to a message that wasn't a question - that I have had from SplashData. Thank you! The programme, by the way, is useful, efficient and good value. Programme + service = Excellent product.

Handango December 12, 2004 by a reviewer from from Fargo, ND
The ability to have my PIM on my desktop and Palm is a great advantage

I had been using another vendors electronic wallet software for checking, credit card, web site, etc management. That product didn't have a desktop application for Mac OS X. I recently upgraded to a Tungsten E from an i705 and needed photo software and found Splash Photo, which then lead me to Splash ID. I think it is great that I can have my electronic wallet at my disposal anywhere, and to be able to click on a web link from my desktop and go straight to online banking, etc with a secure location for login and password information right on my computer. The ability to sync between the Palm and the desktop application is very nice. The user interface is easy to use and very flexible in allowing for creation of new cards. My only critique of the software is that there are only 6 fields to enter data.

Handango September 7, 2004 by Alicia Rexrode from Fairfax, VA
SplashID is an easy program to use.
This program is very easy to use and adapt to your different accounts. I like the fact that the program offers the ability to mask out different columns, so others can't see my info at first glance. I also like the fact that the unmask feature is in the lower right corner, so I don't have to hunt for it through several menus. In this world of passwords, PINS, and usernames for everything, this program actually will simplify your e-life.

PDA Buyer's Guide Review - July 2004
SplashData went the extra mile in helping the user get started. Copious pertinent examples or samples accompany each app, giving the new user a running start. A good selection of subcategories (called types) comes ready to go, but more on that when we get to the specific apps. All the handheld apps support every display mode/density currently on the Palm market.

PalmGear April 22, 2004 by David Brady
I use the Id, photo, and shopper on my Tungsten E. The ID section works very well for keeping the large number of website login info, software codes, bank accounts, vehicle identification, etc. Photos accesses the photos on the memory card faster than my previous viewer. With my short memory the Shopper helps me remember all the food I need to buy. I also use it to keep a list of the food and camping gear I need when starting out for a camping trip.

Handango June 28, 2004 by John R. from Long Beach, CA
Essential Software for your Palm
I use this software suite on my Treo 600. Each application is very useful and well organized. What sold me was the ability to easily synchronize with the SplashWallet Software Suite and Quicken on my Mac.

PalmGear April 22, 2004 by Georgi Guruli
I use mainly ID and Photo on my Treo 600. Finally have program were I can put all accounts and passwords, and it's very easy to access. Desktop component is great too, and photos rarely exceed 30k, so you can carry a lot of them. Do not use the two others very often - no need for now...

Handango April 21, 2004 by Angie Totcky from Arizona
Best thing since...
...the Palm came out! I use this app daily... by itself on the palm and in conjunction with my
computer. I've tried what I want to achieve on Quicken and can't do it. I'm a Graphic
Artist and use the Photos to show people a "down-sized" portfolio and to show off friends children and my dogs. I don't give perfect scores very often... but there isn't anything I can think of that I don't like about SplashWallet Suite.

Handango April 7, 2004 by Andrew Wallace from Davis, CA
SplashID is the most valuable program on my palm
I first bought SplashWallet because of the SplashMoney. It works fine. However, I ended up purchasing Pocket Quicken as it synchronized automatically. But I became a hardcore user of SplashID. This very simple program has significantly organized my life. I have everything including insurance info, car registration, web logins, etc, etc ....a nice feature on the desktop version is it hyperlinks to your Browser. It really is a great little program. And I never will be without it.

Handango March 26, 2004 by Jeffrey White from Sicklerville, NJ
This product continues to impress me release after release
I only recommend products that really add value to my life and Splashwallet has certainly done that. I have called it one of my palm "killer apps".

Handango February 25, 2004 by A reviewer from Wayne, PA
Excellent product
I'm impressed by how easy this application was to install. All the applications are invaluable in helping to organize my life in the most convenient and portable way. The customer service is personalized, helpful, prompt, and quick with response. Extremely rare and a steal for the price of the entire application package!

PalmGear February 7, 2004 by Scott Laney
I have been using this suite now for six months and nothing comes close for ease of use, customization and support. It is regularly updated and all queries are promptly attended to. Other companies should follow their lead!

Handango December 31, 2003 by A reviewer from New York, NY
Great Set of Programs 
I especially love the splash shopper and ID manager. I've used the shopper program to organize the car maintenance for all 5 cars in my family and it's been great. My favorite part is the desktop programs - it makes for easier data entry and gives me greater flexibility than just having the program on my palm. I wish all programs had a desktop companion.

PalmGear December 21, 2003 by Darlene Gerick
I use SplashPhoto and SplashID all the time. Both are easy to use both on my PC and Palm. I used SplashShopper but I found it was more than I needed for the quick trip to the store. I downloaded a different program for day to day shopping, and I use this if I am price comparing. Never tried SplashMoney, have no need for it. SplashPhoto and SplashID are well worth it.

Handango October 31, 2003 by A reviewer from Reno, Nevada
Refreshingly Easy to Use and Understand/Clean  
I found the SplashWallet Suite to be extremely useful and easy to use and implement. It also has a clean and uncluttered appearance which actually understates its overall usefulness. My only complaint would be that pocket money does not directly sync with Microsoft Money. I suspect this is Microsoft's fault. I did manage to follow the simple instructions and get the two programs to work together easily. Once the programs began to actually function and interact almost on their own, I found all of them to be delightful. They also overcame the shortfalls of the proprietary software that came with my original palm device which was really pleasing.

Handango October 22, 2003 by A reviewer from East bay, CA
Just love it! 
I purchased the wallet a while ago and still find new uses for it. I look at other new programs and it seems that the wallet already addresses their claims for functionality. I constantly use it and am pleasantly surprised with their upgrades. I did have a problem once with their shopper and it was quickly addressed and dealt with. Definitely one of my most used apps. on a daily basis.

Handango July 13, 2003 by Anthony J. Retenski from Queens, New York
One of the Best 
I've been using Money Software on PDAs for well over 5 years now. Other programs I've used, while extremely versatile, pale in comparison to the Categories/Sub-Categories options. The user interface of SplashMoney is so efficient and extremely customizable. All view options, sorting, font sizes and viewable fields are completely up to the user. While I'm a little disappointed there is not a built in Amortization program, SplashMoney and the complete suite are well worth their price and then some. I use it everyday and will continue to do so for many years to come. A Budgeting system allows you to truly manage your income and expenses. Thanks to SplashMoney I can easily and quickly budget my expenses as loose or as strict as I like. Splash Shopper also makes the rest of the shopping programs look like children's toys. Detailed shopping lists can be made for any type of category! Why buy the rest when you can buy the best?


Handango Champion Finalist


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