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Release Notes

SplashMoney 4.09 Mac OS - January 23, 2008

  • First release with SplashMoney Desktop companion software for Mac OS

SplashMoney 4.09- March 17, 2006

  • Fixed bug that prevented user from editing the date on the desktop application
  • Currency conversion now works, when converting from base to foreign
  • Resolved an issue with nesting, duplicate dialogs in the report feature
  • Set Budget Amount now accepts decimal input
  • Class from split transactions is now transferred to the destination account

SplashMoney 4.08- July 14, 2005

  • Desktop/Handheld: SplashMoney 4 is now translated into French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
  • Desktop/Handheld: Scheduled transactions no longer duplicate when synced between two PCs. (Note: Old scheduled transactions must be deleted and recreated.)
  • Desktop/Handheld: Downloading AmSouth bank data no longer reports a parsing error.
  • Desktop: Transactions of type “Check” now sort correctly.
  • Desktop: When sorting by date, edited transactions no longer re-sort (unless of course the date is edited).
  • Desktop: New accounts created during the QIF import process are now retained correctly.
  • Desktop: Budget values now print correctly.
  • Desktop: Balance now is correct after purging a voided transaction.
  • Handheld: Reminders from scheduled transactions are no longer deleted after a soft-reset.
  • Handheld: Unassigned can now have a budget value.
  • Handheld: Reconciling an account that contains a split transaction no longer alters the parent transaction.
  • Handheld: Payee budget values are now retained correctly after editing a transaction of that payee.

SplashMoney 4.07- May 16, 2005

  • Transfers and Scheduled Transactions now sort correctly with other transactions of the same date (Palm and Windows).
  • Row colors are now retained after exit (Palm).
  • Budget amount for <Unfiled> is now remembered after exit (Windows).
  • The running balance is now calculated correctly following a voided transaction (Windows).

SplashMoney 4.06 - May 9, 2005

  • A new Print feature has been added to the Windows desktop application.
  • You can now choose which account to import into, instead of just the selected account.
  • The Export feature in the desktop application now offers the ability to export all transactions, selected transactions, or a date range of transactions.
  • Added a new Download Summary dialog to better manage downloaded transactions, in the desktop application.
  • Fixed an issue with split transactions in the report feature.
  • Fixed an issue where your online setup would get corrupted if you canceled unlocking the SplashMoney application.
  • Fixed a few issues with the Upcoming/Scheduled Transactions feature.
  • Fixed an issue where the toolbar was missing after unlocking SplashMoney on a T3 device.
  • When doing a transfer between accounts with difference currencies, the value is now converted properly.
  • Transactions exported to auto-upload to Quicken now honor the number format.
  • Transfers now appear properly in reports.
  • The Cleared Balance now calculates properly when reversing the direction of the transactions list.
  • Various user interface and navigation fixes in the Palm and Windows desktop applications.

SplashMoney 4.05 - April 8, 2005

  • Pie chart report type added to desktop application.
  • Balance/Cleared menu added back to Account and Register view.
  • Fixed an issue that surfaced when a username has a space character at the end.
  • Fixed some redraw problems in lists where duplicate transactions were appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where the base currency wasn't synching between the handheld and desktop app.
  • Fixed a couple issues with Upcoming Transactions.
  • Fixed a data corruption issue that happened when switching users while a password was set.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bank list was emptry for a new user (desktop app)
  • Windows regional settings are now honored for number formats.
  • Fixed an issue where the check number field wouldn't appear during a transaction info auto-fill.
  • Fixed an issue where the desktop application window was appearing transparent for new users/accounts.
  • Minor user interface adjustments

SplashMoney 4.04 - March 14, 2005

New features

  • Class pop-up menu added to the desktop
  • Class column added to the register
  • Zero amounts can now be hidden from Reports and Budgets

Bug fixes

  • Transactions no longer duplicate when imported from a QIF file
  • Columns no longer disappear from the Budget view
  • Recorded transactions are now removed from the Scheduled Transactions list
  • Subcategories now work properly with classes
  • Password field is now the default field when launching the desktop application
  • Show correct running balance when date sort is reversed on Palm

SplashMoney 4.03 - March 8, 2005

New features

  • Added a feature to allow checking of all online accounts at once
  • Added CSV and OFX import via the conduit
  • Added more contextual menus on the desktop

Bug fixes

  • Negative values can now be entered
  • Position in the register is remembered between uses of the Palm
  • Running balance is reversed when reversing the sort by Date to be most recent transactions at the top of the list
  • Payee List now syncs properly
  • Types now export properly in CSV files
  • American Express online connection now works on the desktop
  • General UI improvements
  • Account view selection is now retained after exiting and re-launching SplashMoney
  • Tapping password letters no longer adds a period if Graffiti 2 write anywhere is enabled
  • Improved QIF handling
  • Split transactions are now deleted when the source is deleted on the desktop
  • Added Purge and Delete to Edit Transaction on the desktop
  • HiRes+ toolbar fix
  • Improved Matching
  • Transfer dialog now allows decimals
  • Sorting by Memo or Amount now works correctly on the desktop
  • Invalid DOS characters are no longer allowed in account names
  • Reports now works correctly with splits
  • Scheduled transactions are now saved after exiting on the desktop
  • Budget now correctly multiplies for the Quarter setting on the desktop

SplashMoney 4.02 - March 1, 2005

  • Fixed a bug where the handheld application wouldn't launch if there was a deleted record that needed upgrading (only affected users of SplashMoney 4.0 beta 1)
  • Double-clicking the balance on the desktop will now bring up Adjust Ending Balance dialog
  • Fixed a bug where the transfer dialog wasn’t accepting a decimal
  • Other minor UI improvements

SplashMoney 4.01 - February 28, 2005

  • Fixed a bug that would crash the desktop when switching to Reports and Budgets if register included transfers
  • General UI improvements

SplashMoney 4.0 - February 28, 2005

New features:

  • Desktop application with two-way syncing (Windows only)
  • Online account access
  • Charting on handheld (not implemented on the desktop yet)
  • Improved user interface
  • Filter menu
  • Reconcile function
  • Category icons per transaction
  • Custom icon support (not implemented on the desktop yet)

Bug fixes:

  • Added support for numbers 21 million and larger
  • Reports and Budgets are now accurate when international currencies are used
  • Transactions with split classes show up correctly in reports
  • Improved sorting of the register view
  • Improved 5-way navigator support
  • Fixed a split-transfer bug
  • Improved auto-fill
  • Various UI improvements (fixed shortcut conflicts, made minor button adjustments, etc)
  • Fixed a bug that could throw off the cleared balance
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

SplashMoney 3.03 - December 16, 2004

  • Fixed a bug with the Upcoming transactions reminder feature.
  • Fixed a bug that would crash Clies when launching an expired trial version.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause drill-down in reports to crash.
  • Added Tungsten T|5 5-way navigator support.
  • Minor UI and redraw improvements.

SplashMoney 3.02 - September 7, 2004

  • Added localization support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

SplashMoney 3.01 - February 5, 2004

  • Repaired QuikBudget Support

SplashMoney 3.0 - January 29, 2004

  • Added the ability to change a transactions account from within the transaction.
  • Added currency conversion to reports and budgets. (In other words, non-base currencies will be converted to the base currency in reports and budgets.)
  • SplashMoney displays an error when a category name has a "/" in it.
  • Fixed a redraw bug in Recurring Transactions (after editing a category)
  • SplashMoney displays an appropriate error if a number larger than $21,474,836 is used.

SplashMoney 2.99 - December 12, 2003

  • Added two-stroke character Graffiti 2 support
  • Fixed a problem with password entry (backspaces were treated as characters)

SplashMoney 2.98 - November 26, 2003

  • Improved Palm OS 3 Support

SplashMoney 2.97 - November 14, 2003

  • Support for new Hi-Res Plus screens

SplashMoney 2.95 - May 30, 2003

  • Fixed a font substitution problem that affected Palm OS 3.1 users
  • Fixed a bug where long category/sub category name combinations would crash a Report drill-down
  • Fixed a bug where tapping a column head in a Reports/Budgets would cause a crash.
  • Changed the Upcoming Transaction sort direction to display the next upcoming payment at the top.

SplashMoney 2.94 - Apr. 29, 2003

  • Fixed a Clié redraw issue
  • Fixed a redraw issue that affected Palm OS 3.5
  • Fixed a reports/budgets redraw issue
  • Fixed a duplicate shortcut "/B"
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the Palm during a Global Find when SplashMoney
    was locked
  • Fixed a category list corruption bug that occurred in rare situations
  • Switched to PDF version of the user guide
  • Enhanced Garmin Virtual Graffiti support

SplashMoney 2.92 - Apr. 11, 2003

  • Fixed crasher that would occur when attempting to sort a Report with no transactions in the list.

SplashMoney 2.91 - Apr. 3, 2003

  • Fixed a bug (Chunck Overlock error) that would periodically crash SplashMoney on launch.
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes

SplashMoney 2.9 - Mar. 26, 2003

  • Added Budgeting capabilities
  • Enhanced reporting with drill-down capabilities
  • Transactions now sorted by date/time entered
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

SplashMoney 2.82 - Feb. 24 2003

  • Fixed crasher that could occur when accessing Upcoming Transactions
  • Fixed crasher that would occur when attempting a QIF import
  • Fixed font problem on Clies running OS4 when viewing Currency Menu

SplashMoney 2.81 - Feb. 21 2003

  • Added Account Based Currency support
  • Added "Include in Account View Total" option for calculating Net Worth
  • Compatible with QuikBudget
  • Transaction Type names are now limited to 10 characters or less
  • Fixed redraw/sorting bug
  • Fixed row selection bug
  • Fixed font display bug in About box

SplashMoney 2.8 - Feb. 17, 2003

  • Scheduled Transactions that can be automatically entered on a recurring basis
  • Customizable Transaction Types
  • Global Find support
  • Tungsten 5-way nav support
  • Sony Clie jog-dial support
  • Faster sorting

SplashMoney 2.71 - Dec. 21, 2002

  • Fixed Conduit bug that exported data improperly.
  • Updated QuikBudget compatibility.

SplashMoney 2.7 - Dec. 20, 2002

  • Added Hi-Res support for OS5 devices and Sony Clie's running OS4
  • Added ability to show/hide virtual graffiti area on Sony Clie NR/NX series
  • Added customizable column controls for resizing and sorting columns

SplashMoney 2.65 - Aug. 9, 2002

  • Added Conduit logging to handheld.

SplashMoney 2.64b - June 21, 2002

  • Conduit fix for Mac OS X users.

SplashMoney 2.64 - May 10, 2002

  • Conduit fix for users of Windows 98 and earlier.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

SplashMoney 2.63a - March 25, 2002

  • Updated "a" version is compatible with Palm Desktop 4.0 Release for Mac OS.

SplashMoney 2.63 - Feb. 19, 2002

  • Changed default location of To Palm and From Palm directories to \My Documents\SplashMoney\
  • Updated the User Guide

SplashMoney 2.62 - Feb. 4, 2002

  • Fixed QuikBudget related bug
  • Won't allow Account names with slashes (/) in them.
  • Added more icons

SplashMoney 2.61 - Feb. 1, 2002

  • Can now launch app from Handspring Memory module
  • Added support for Palm Desktop 4.0 for Mac OS 9 & OS X

SplashMoney 2.6 - Dec. 18, 2001

  • Added support for Quik Budget: Transactions created in Quik Budget are automatically posted to SplashMoney. Requires Quik Budget 3.1 or later.

SplashMoney 2.51 - Nov. 21, 2001

  • Fixed redraw bugs in password dialog affecting handhelds running pre-OS 3.5

SplashMoney 2.5 - Nov. 13, 2001

  • Onscreen keyboard or numeric keypad for entering password
  • More icons
  • Conduit supports QIF import in yyyy/mm/dd format
  • When auto-uploading transfers to Quicken only the source account transfer is uploaded (eliminating the likelihood of duplicate transactions in Quicken)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

SplashMoney 2.43 - Sept. 10, 2001

  • Added option to Mask password
  • Added support for presenting the password dialog after power off on pre-OS 3.5 devices
  • Fixed 1-pixel clipping on Clie in high-res mode

SplashMoney 2.42 - August 24, 2001

  • Added support for up to 9 decimals in currency conversion (formerly 6 decimals)

SplashMoney 2.41 - August 22, 2001

  • Fixed conflict with several launcher utilities (Commander, GoBar, Launch 'Em)
  • Fixed clipping of Amount column in Register View
  • Fixed sync problem when syncing a handheld with two desktops

SplashMoney 2.4 - August 13, 2001

  • Added new icons and icon picker for Accounts
  • Allow importing of QIFs with no header (downloaded from online bank)
  • Import/Export improvements for International Date and Number formats

SplashMoney 2.3 - July 26, 2001

  • Popup menus will auto-scroll when inputting Graffiti characters

SplashMoney 2.22 - July 21, 2001

  • Conduit will enter a HotSync log entry when exporting a QIF if the data is invalid
  • Fixed Date picker crasher on B/W devices running Palm OS 3.5

SplashMoney 2.21 - July 16, 2001

  • Mac version released
  • Minor bug fixes

SplashMoney 2.2 - July 15, 2001

  • The Split dialog now handles up to 10 splits
  • Account transfers supported within the Split dialog

SplashMoney 2.11 - July 10, 2001

  • Fixed bug which caused the transaction type to change when clearing account transfers
  • Fixed Date picker crasher on B/W devices running Palm OS 3.5

SplashMoney 2.1 - July 1, 2001

  • Added support for additional transaction types (ATM and EFT)
  • Improved automatic check numbering
  • Improved UI for editing Splits
  • Minor bug fixes

SplashMoney 2.03 - June 19, 2001

  • Mac version available
  • Minor bug fix

SplashMoney 2.02 - June 18, 2001

  • User definable Date and Number format import/export settings in Conduit
  • Minor bug fixes

SplashMoney 2.01 - June 15, 2001

  • Mac version
  • Palm OS 3.0 compatibility
  • Minor bug fixes

SplashMoney 2.0 - June 14, 2001

  • Support for additional account types (Asset and Liability Accounts)
  • Option to display running balance and to show/hide decimals in Register View
  • Category Account transfers (like in Quicken and MS Money)
  • Edit Transaction dialog UI improvements: Memo field now visible; Category and Class fields combined
  • Multiple Currency support
  • Support for International Date and Number formats when exporting to desktop

SplashMoney 1.54 - May 30, 2001

  • Fixed bug affecting users with lots of accounts

SplashMoney 1.53 - May 28, 2001

  • Support for international Date formats in Quicken

SplashMoney 1.52 - May 26, 2001

  • Mac version

SplashMoney 1.51 - May 25, 2001

  • Improved support for auto-uploading transactions to Quicken
  • Improved QIF import
  • Improved support for Palm OS 4.0
  • Support for Palm Date Format Preference
  • User interface enhancements

SplashMoney 1.50 - May 26, 2001

  • Auto-upload transactions to Quicken
  • Import QIF files into SplashMoney from Quicken and Microsoft Money

SplashMoney 1.01 - April 30, 2001

  • Mac version

SplashMoney 1.0 - April 27, 2001

  • Windows version

System Requirements

Palm Powered Solution

> Palm OS 4.0 or later
> 675k of free memory for the application and 100k for the data
* Online bank support requires a bank that supports Direct Connect technology, internet connectivity, and Palm OS 5.2 or later for handheld connection.


> Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME, NT

> Mac OS X (Conduit only - Click here for more info)


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