Password Manager for iPhone, Mac OS & Windows

Release Notes for iPhone & iPod touch

Mobile Client release notes are below. Click here for SplashID Safe desktop release notes.

November 1, 2012 - Version 6.2.3 for iPhone

  • Added a timeout period option to Security Options (in the Tools screen). So now you can leave SplashID Safe and come back during a specified timeout period and not have to enter your password or pattern again. Default setting is still "Immediately."
  • Optimized database loading for much faster searching.
  • Locking sound is fixed
  • Fix for problem displaying records after exit when filters were applied

October 9, 2012 - Version 6.2.2 for iPhone

  • Fixes screen layout issues on iOS 5

September 24, 2012 - Version 6.2.1 for iPhone

  • Support for iPhone 5 display

July 26, 2012 - Version 6.2 for iPhone

  • Retina graphics support
  • Issues synchronizing between multiple devices and desktops resolved
  • Fixed data corruption on sync with older Windows version
  • Fixed crash on adding attachments
  • Fixed send VID to other iOS device
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes

***Requires FREE 6.2 update to SplashID Desktop for synchronization***

April 24, 2012 - Version 6.1 for iPhone

  • Bug fixes and security enhancements

***Requires 6.1 update to SplashID Desktop for synchronization***

December 2, 2011 - Version 6.0.7 for iPhone

  • Now synchronizes with SplashID Key Safe edition - a key shaped USB thumb drive that has SplashID on it along with 4 GB of storage space.

October 10, 2011 - Version 6.0.6 for iPhone

  • Support for iOS 5

August 10, 2011 - Version 6.0.4 for iPhone

  • Added option to turn off the unlock sound at login (under Tools > Security)
  • Fixed a couple bugs related to iOS 3.x

May 9, 2011 - Version 6.0.1 for iPhone

  • Support for iOS 3.x

April 28, 2011 - Version 6.0 for iPhone, Windows & Mac

  • Desktop Update
    • Unified support for synching a single desktop database with multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry). This is done using an email ID for your username instead of the device name. This way you sync all devices to the same desktop user identified by the email address.
    • Redesigned and upgraded user interface, including new button style with labels, familiar top toolbar that is highly customizable, snazzy new detail pane, bigger edit dialog with simplified buttons
    • Minimize to System Tray option - found in Options > Security.
    • Reminder feature for individual records. To use it, double click a record to edit, then click the Reminder button. Choose the date in the future you want to be reminded to update the record. Save. You'll get the reminder when you launch on that day. Great for passwords that you need to change regularly or credit cards expiration dates.
    • Pattern login. If you are a fan of this feature on the iPhone application, you can now use the same method to login to the desktop.
    • All Types listing now appears in the Type panel. Check this updated Panel View out if you are a steadfast fan of the list view.
    • Hover then click to copy field data in the Detail Pane
    • List View: Right click column heading to customize Show Columns
    • Edit Types button under Types panel
    • Sound at unlock: *Click!*
    • Send feedback option in Help menu of SplashID Desktop
    • Auto-email-backup system. Go to Prefs > Data/Backup to try it out.
    • Browser plugin (Internet Explorer & Safari) now supports Other Record Types. So you can find and copy credit card numbers on the fly when using the browser.
    • Tip of the day on launch
    • Enhanced search: searches inside of record data strings, not just "starts with"
    • Enhanced send VID tool, fewer steps, more intuitive, no need for email client
  • iPhone Update
    • Support for unified desktop sync. To restate from above: This is done using an email ID for your username instead of the device name. This way you sync all devices to the same desktop user identified by the email address.
    • Upgraded user interface with reflective card views.
    • Auto-sync. Turn this feature on in Tools.
    • Changed touch to copy functionality. When you tap a field, it brings up COPY as a menu option, instead of copying it automatically. Make it 2 steps, but prevents accidental copying of sensitive data
    • You can now pick the icon from the record info dialog, without having to go into the edit dialog
    • New View. Search View: just has a search bar, add button, and View All button on top left. Loads faster. Just search and display results. Select in Tools > Select view
    • Dedupe tool. It's handy on the desktop, it's handy on the iPhone
    • Send Feedback Option in Tools
    • Option to clear filters on exit - on by default
    • Option to load sample data on fresh install or not

SplashID 5.5 for iPhone (device only) - September 27, 2010

  • Fixes an issue under iOS 4.1 where a record added on the handheld was not accessible on the desktop companion
  • Fixes an issue where the tab bar button become unresponsive after locking

SplashID 5.4 - June 22, 2010

  • iPhone:
    • Fast App Switching enabled for iOS 4 which means faster load times
  • Mac OS:
    • Fixed an issue where successive plist files were being created on exit in the Preferences directory. Any old SplashID plist files with a random character string at the end can be deleted with no ill effect.
  • Windows:
    • Fixed an issue with database sync logic
    • Fixed an issue with the custom backup location setting

SplashID 5.3.3- June 9, 2010

  • Mac OS Desktop - Plugin updated to support Safari 5

SplashID 5.3.2 for Mac & Windows - May 24, 2010

  • Mac OS Desktop:
    • Made an improvement to the Safari plugin installer
    • Changed database sync so that sync can begin automatically if the passwords are the same on the synchronizing databases
    • Fixed a bug with printing a record
    • Fixed a crashing issue when synchronizing in Tree View
  • Windows Desktop:
    • Changed database sync so that sync can begin automatically if the passwords are the same on the synchronizing databases

SplashID 5.3.1 for Mac & Windows - May 11, 2010

  • Mac OS Desktop:
    • Fixed a couple bugs with the Safari plugin installer and uninstaller
    • Fixed a bug where Restoring VID resulted in encrypted data on next launch
  • Windows Desktop:
    • Fixed a bug where database sync would cause duplicates after sync with handheld devices

SplashID 5.3 for iPhone, Mac & Windows - April 17, 2010

  • iPhone:
    • Buy More Icons! - Expanded and Travel Icon sets available for InApp purchase
    • Localized into French, German, Italian & Spanish
    • New Pattern Unlock option - set your password as a pattern you can quickly draw with your finger
    • Duplicate Record button added to the toolbar in Record Info screen
    • Search History - displays a list of previous searches for fast retrieval
    • Masking, Web Autofill, and Call button have larger tap area
    • Landscape support in Web View
    • Ability to enter URLs for IP address sync
  • Mac & Windows Desktop:
    • Search history available when you click the drop down arrow in the Search box
    • Reset SplashID feature - useful for troubleshooting sync issues or when you are leaving a computer behind and want to clear off SplashID data
    • Results dialog lists records after import
    • Various bug fixes

SplashID 5.2 for iPhone, Mac & Windows - November 29, 2009

  • iPhone:
    • Gradient to replace the old striped backgrounds
    • New mask, web autofill, and call buttons
    • Tap the field in the Record Info screen to copy it to the clipboard
    • Improved layout to get more data "above the fold"
    • Improved layout in the set password dialog
    • Improved layout in the Edit Field dialog
    • Option to set row color to alternating
    • Minor bug fixes
  • Mac OS:
    • New installer that installs the Safari plugin along with SplashID desktop
    • Snow Leopard support
    • eWallet import improved with instructions
    • 1Password import tool added
    • Keychain import tool added
    • Safari plugin support on Snow Leopard (Note: You need to run Safari in 32* bit mode at this time to use the SplashID plugin. Reinstall the plugin from the File menu in the SplashID desktop)
    • Ability to set longer timeout periods in the Safari plugin
    • Various bug fixes
  • Windows:
    • New installer that installs the IE plugin along with SplashID desktop
    • eWallet Import improved with instructions
    • 1Password Import
    • Support for Windows 7
    • Browser plugin support for Internet Explorer 8

SplashID 5.1 for iPhone, Mac & Windows - August 17, 2009

  • iPhone
    • Peer-to-Peer SplashID file transfer
    • Web Auto-fill
    • Enhanced performance and sync
    • Password generator remembers settings
    • Remembers last category and type selections
    • Fix - Notes cutting off before the 4000-character limit
    • Fix - Phone #s don't dial if there is a space after the area code
    • Fix - Panel View - New Record - No field labels
    • Fix - Disable auto-caps in field data entry
    • Security Fix - 10 failed password attempts now erases data immediately
  • Windows
    • Fix for sync issues, including conflict with ZoneAlarm
    • Fix for the buildup of temporary SplashID files in the Recycle bin
    • Security Fix - 10 failed password attempts now erases data immediately
    • Browser Plugin support for Internet Explorer 8
  • Mac OS
    • Security Fix - 10 failed password attempts now erases data immediately
    • Browser Plugin support for Safari 4.0.3

SplashID 5.01 for Mac & Windows - July 17, 2009

  • Credit card purchases now get confirmation email
  • Desktop IP address displayed in Setup Wizard
  • Other minor bug fixes

SplashID 5.0 for iPhone, Mac & Windows - July 6, 2009

New Desktop Features:

  • Security Enhancements:
    • AES. This US government approved encryption standard has been added on top of the already powerful Blowfish algorithm.
    • Password Hint Question. Password hints can be a little too easy sometimes, so first you'll have to answer one of the security questions of your choosing before the hint is revealed.
    • Password Strength Indicator. Added to the Set Password dialog and the Password Generator. Don't feel bad if you like short passwords. We all do.
    • Clear Clipboard on Exit. This default option is found in the Options dialog. It plainly makes sense.
  • Browser Plug-In. SplashID in your browser! A search box and Web Login picker is added to Safari/Internet Explorer if you install it. This replicates the web autofill functionality from the SplashID desktop, but as an installed plugin for Internet Explorer (Windows) and Safari (Mac). Sorry, but Firefox and other browsers will not be supported at this time. To install the plugin, go to File > Plugin for Safari/Internet Explorer > Install.
  • Install to Removable Device. Now you can take SplashID on a thumb drive (or whatever) anywhere you go. Copies the application and database files to <Removable Disk>/SplashID folder.
  • Add Attachments. A new field has been added to the database so you can add a file (up to 1mb) to the record for association and safe keeping.
  • Add Icons. Just click Add Icons in the Icon Picker, so your record and type icons can be whatever you like. You will also notice we updated some of the old rickety icons.
  • Smart Types. In the lower left of the Detail View, you will find 3 Smart Types containing the latest 10: Most Viewed, Recently Modified, and Recently Viewed. These help you get to your most popular records faster.
  • Scrollable Detail Pane. If your Notes are longer than the provided space in the Detail Pane, you will have a scroll bar so you can view the full notes without having to open the Edit dialog.
  • Resizable Edit Dialog. You can now vertically resize the Edit Dialog so you can get more out of that notes field.
  • Better Keyboard Support. You can tab between windows and UI elements better now to avoid that annoying mouse click.
  • Enhanced Database Sync Logic. When using the database sync feature introduced in version 4, you should no longer have lost or duplicated records.
  • Drag and Drop Records into Types. Need to change the type assignment for a record? Select it, then click it, the drag it into the destination type (Panel View).
  • DeDupe Tool. Scans the database for records containing the same data and offers to delete them. Found in the File menu.
  • Event Viewer. Logs your activity in SplashID so we can provide you with the Smart Types. This may also be useful in technical support scenarios. Found in the View menu. The log file only contains record names - none of the other fields. You can file this file:
    • Mac OS: ~/Documents/SplashID/SplashIDLogFile.plist
    • Windows: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\SplashData\SplashID\Preferences\EventsLog.xml
  • Better Print support. For record list, text is wrapped, and there is an option to print notes. For individual records, nice new layout.
  • Minimize to System Tray. On Windows, you have the option of minimizing to the System Tray (bottom right) instead of the Task Bar. To enable this, go to Options > Minimize Options.
  • Sequential Backup System. Auto backup now saves multiple backup files so you don't lose your data if you have a database meltdown, then quit SplashID and overwrite the backup file on exit (as in previous versions). Now backups have sequential filenames, Backup 0, Backup 1, Backup 2, Backup 3, etc. When Backup 9 is reached, the next save replaces Backup 0, so you don't spiral into infinitely diminishing hard disk space.

New iPhone Features

  • Compatibility with SplashID 5 Desktop. Sync with all the cool features from the new desktop application above.
  • Manual IP Address Synchronization. Finally, you can enter your desktop IP address if you can't discover it automatically for some reason.
  • Custom Icons. Take a photo or choose an existing one to make a custom icon for a record or type.
  • File Attachments. Take a photo or attach an existing one to a record for future reference. You can add any type of file on the desktop and if the iPhone can view it, you can view it in the SplashID record.
  • User Interface Overhaul. Too many improvements here to list, but you'll see. You can also choose between different "Views" and "Themes" so you can really customize your SplashID experience.
  • Most Viewed Perspective. A new tab shows you the records that you view more often for quick access.

SplashID 4.6.1 for Mac - November 14, 2008

  • Mac OS only
    • Fixes the conflict with the Palm version of the SplashID desktop

SplashID 4.6 - November 14, 2008

  • Handheld Application
    • When field data is tapped in Record Info, it does not revert after 3 seconds; now it remains expanded until you tap it again
    • Password generator is much more random in the layout of character types
    • Font for data has been changed to Verdana to make 1 (one), l (el) and I (eye) more distinct
    • In Edit Field dialog, top left back navigation button label changed to more descriptive "Cancel"
  • Windows (version 4.6.1)
    • Prevent corruption when synchronizing with unauthenticated desktop
    • Fixed sync conflict with SplashShopper iPhone Desktop

SplashID 4.5 - October 17, 2008

  • Handheld Application
    • Updated for Firmware 2.1 update - you may wish to update to 2.1 if you have not already
    • New and improved User Interface:
    • No more drilling down - use filters instead
    • Alphabetical nav bar to the right side of the item list (like Contacts)
    • Email Record Details
    • Skip back and forward through records
    • Delete records from Record Info screen
    • Sync button on toolbar in record list
    • Landscape support & expanding field data when tapped
    • Notes field is larger
    • Number pad login option
    • Web View added - tap the globe button next to a URL to launch Web View, and the username and password are displayed at the top of the screen for easy logins
    • Last sync info added to Sync dialog
    • Optimized database loading so it loads twice as fast
    • All reported bugs fixed
  • Desktop Application
    • Item counters added to the Category and Type lists
    • Better sync progress indication
    • Default sync option added to sync preferences dialog
    • Support for many international alphabets - accented characters
    • Check for Updates feature added
    • All reported bugs fixed

SplashID 4.04.1 - August 7, 2008

  • Mac OS:
    • Painfully slow sync issue on Power PC processors fixed
    • Fixes certain cases resulting in crash after sync
  • Windows:
    • Sort preferences remembered on exit and view changes
    • Fixes certain cases resulting in crash after sync

SplashID 4.04 - August 6, 2008

  • Handheld:
    • Fixes 255 record bug
    • Clarifies Cancel and Save buttons in top navigation toolbar in Edit Record screen
    • Expands the width of the Notes field in Record Info
    • Fixes issue of mishandling apostrophe in iPhone username
    • Improves stability and performance
    • Requires update to SplashID iPhone Desktop 4.04
  • Windows:
    • Sort preferences remembered on exit
    • Sync is now prevented when desktop is locked - preventing encrypted data issue
  • Mac OS:
    • Fixes notes import problem

SplashID 4.02 - July 24, 2008

  • Maximum character display in Record Info extended to 19 characters
  • Minor bug fixes on handheld client (update in App Store)
  • 4.02 version required on both handheld and desktop to sync
  • Improved synchronization, performance and stability on both Windows & Mac
  • Windows Only:
    • Password mismatch bug fixed
  • Mac Only:
    • Change default selection for export to Selected Records only
    • The defect "Can't sync to second user account" is fixed
    • Mac OS Tiger support (10.4.11 or later)

SplashID 4.0- July 10, 2008

  • First release on App Store
  • Mac and Windows desktop versions released as well




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